Fab13 Working Groups

Share and discuss ideas with experts from all over the globe.

Join us in Santiago de Chile for the first Working Gropus of the international Fab Lab network!

Join us in the first Working Groups of the Fab Labs Network. Working Groups are a merge of topics of the same line that create an atmosphere to create new challenges for the network and the world. These groups will serve as the debat rooms of the future. Come an join us!


FabAcademy Instructors meeting

All Instructors of FabAcademy are invited to work on the updates, exchanged knowledge, share agendas and new techniques, propose improvements and work collaboratively for the rapidly expanding FabAcademy.

Foundations and Regional Networks

A space where all the regional initiatives will have the chance to expose, discuss and get to common solutions that would benefit not only their regional Fab Networks but the entire network. A way to explore the advantages and new task that regional coordinators have to face in this world of the collaborative atmosphere.

Education for Educators

Education for Educators: Florencia Argüello FabEdu Program: Santi Fuentemlla Tactile Assisted Design / Working with Non-Sighted Students to turn CAD into TAD : Liz Whitewolf and Jon Doctorick Teaching Digital Fabrication in Alternative and Special Education: Brandon Prentice

Fab City // How To Make It Happen In Your City

Working Group: Fab City Bootcamp // How To Make It Happen In Your City *** Goals *** Kickstarted at FAB7 in Lima by Tomas Diez (Fab Lab Barcelona | IAAC), Working group to start elaborate strategies to implement the process in your city. Working group to start elaborate strategies to implement a prototype in your city. How we are working in Paris to launch a prototype and which initiatives are arising (coliving, fablab building, superlab, public space redesign, etc…).

Fab Labs with impact & Leveraging the Fab Lab network

Join us in the Humanitarian FabKit track for a series of roundtables, challenges and other discussions. As an outcome of this track we hope to create active communities of interest to follow-up on each topic after Fab13.

Quality Testing In-Field Prototypes Q&A

Humanitarian Makers is a grassroots, global community of makers and humanitarians supporting disaster response. We are in the process of narrowing our focus to enable effective, global engagement. Participants will also be able to walk-through a 3D print of a Field Ready prototype

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