Fab13 Conference

Be part of the largest conference on digital fabrication in the world.

Join us in Santiago de Chile for the annual meeting of the international Fab Lab network!

Join world-class panelists, members of the Fab Lab community, makers from all over the world and professionals from all kinds of fields in the 13th annual Fab Lab Conference in Santiago de Chile from July 31 to August 3, followed by the Fab13 Symposium and the Fab Festival on the 4th and 5th of August. Attend world-class panels, demos, workshops, discussions and lab presentations from represeantatives from all over the globe!


Andrés Briceño

Co-Director Fab Lab Santiago | Director Distributed Design Foundation

James Tooze

Tutor at ‎Royal College of Arts

Patricio Feres

Head of Innovation / CEO InnovaChile at Corfo

Juan Felipe Lopez

‎Executive Director at Laboratorio de Gobierno, Chile

Sofia Lobos

Executive Secretary of the Intergovernmental Creative Economy Committee at CNCA Chile

Jean-Michel Molenaar

Academany, Bioacademy and Fab Connections, Professor at Tufts University, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Felipe Arteaga

Executive Director, Fundación Vivienda Chile

Mara Balestrini

Researcher at Fab City | Director of Making Sense

Alberto Gonzalez

Design Director, Freshwater Chile | Associate Professor Design School Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

Pedro Vidal

Manager Se.Santiago: Programa Santiago Ciudad Inteligente

Liz Corbin

Researcher at the Institute of Making UCL, London

David Ott

Co-founder Global Humanitarian Lab

Roberth Garita

Director Fab Lab Veritas- Costa Rica

Elizabeth Hennaff

Postdoctoral Associate at Weill Cornell Medical College

Martin Tironi

Sociologist | Researcher at The Smart Citizen Project | Assistant Professor Design School Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

Alexandre Dubor

Researcher in Digital Fabrication for Architecture | Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

David Basulto

Founder and Editor in Chief, ArchDaily

Lauren Slowik

Director of Education and Designer Evangelism, Shapeways

David Cavallo

Research Scientist and Director of the Future of Learning Group at the MIT

Anastasia Pistofidou

Director FabTextile Research Lab and Fabricademy

Sonya Pryor-Jones

Chief Implementation Officer at Fab Foundation (MIT)

Gonzalo Vargas Otte


Tony Fish

Co-founder at FabLab London

Sergio Araya

UAI DesignLab Dean

Benjamin Tincq

Co-founder of OuiShare

Brandon Prentice

Fab Lab Manager for the IU1 Fab Lab

Cecilia Raspanti

Fablab Amsterdam

Fiore Basile

Coordinator at FabLab Toscana and Fabricademy

Javier Figueroa

Director Fab Lab Atacama

Luciano Betoldi

International Operations Director at Fab Foundation / Fab Academy

Luis Felipe Céspedes

Minister of Economy, Development, and Tourism

Alejandra Diaz de León

Fab Lat Kids General Coordinator

Naiomi Lundman

Curator, Humanitarian Makers

Katie Rast

Director Fab Lab San Diego

Fernan Federici

Research Group Co-Director

Oscar Diaz

Co-Founder Fab Lab Yucatan- Collaborator Fab Lat Kids

Elisa Panero


Ulrike Wahl

Geschaeftsfuehrerin bei Ulrike Wahl & FS Consultancy EIRL Latin America

Gabriela Navrro


Vaneza Caycho

Wooden Architecture and Furniture Designer

Francisca Astaburuaga

Director Centro de Innovación en Ciudades UDD

Jose Luján

Peruvian chef. Creator of PachaLab

Eduardo Recordon

Renewable Energy Systems Ltd

Jose Riquelme

Innovation Manager in Sodimac Chile


Cities: Towards a Liquid Distribution

The biggest socio-cultural transformations determined local and global urban structures in the past 200 years. The emergence of new technological media and citizen empowerment enable the possibility of moving from the right of access to the city to the right of making cities. In this panel will present different visions and strategies for the construction of a new model of a city.

Tomas Vivanco   /  

Tomas Diez   /  

Martin Tironi   /  

Mara Balestrini   /  

David Basulto   /  

Education: How do we envision the future of education

It is an admitted fact that education is experiencing challenging moments in all conventional teaching models and how they are being inserted within a concrete way to all sort of new rules that society and culture are generating by. The introduction of cross-cutting variables in educational models, the freedom and self-management of education brought about by the communications revolution, highly flexible educational curriculums and the promotion of 21st century skills are just some of the parameters on table of contemporary education. The debate in this panel proposes to explore where the educational models should be directed and how they should relate to the environment. STEAM, Fablabs, DYD, Hacking, are increasingly recurrent concepts in the educational scene, so what is the future of education?

David Cavallo   /  

Edward Peter Clapp   /  

Sherry Lassiter   /  

Sonya Pryor-Jones   /  

Gonzalo Vargas   /  

Decentralization : Mobile Fab Labs & Emergency Solutions

Robert Garita   /  

Juan Felipe López   /  

James Tooze   /  

Expanding Education in the Fab Lab Network

Neil Gershenfeld   /  

Fiore Basile   /  

Luciano Betoldi   /  

Anastasia Pistofidou   /  

Distributed Design

To Design is a strategic tool to create socio-cultural value, organizing matter and communicating their effects through a specific function that transform our build environment. To design is always a political act. Nowadays, the design has potentially more chances to be close to generated positives transformation within our society by several novel digital fabrication technologies and Internet holistic capabilities to generate more possibilities of social cohesion, expanding the inherent objects capacities to instances that construct systems from themselves. The main idea of this discussion is to provide several points of view in order to interpret how to design is moving from objects to systems

Andrés Briceño   /  

David Li   /  

Lauren Slowik   /  

James Tooze   /  

Making New economies

Tomas Diez   /  

Zach Dunham   /  

Primavera de Filippi   /  

Tony Fish   /  

Benjamin Tincq   /  

Prototyping a Sustainable Future

Beno Juarez   /  

Armando Azua   /  

Fernan Federici   /  

Elizabeth Henaff   /  

Julio Valdivia Silva   /  

Design Material Systems

Sergio Araya   /  

Liz Corbin   /  

Alexandre Dubor   /  

Alysia Garmulewicz   /  

Ceciia Raspanti   /  

FabAcademy Instructors meeting

All Instructors of FabAcademy are invited to work on the updates, exchanged knowledge, share agendas and new techniques, propose improvements and work collaboratively for the rapidly expanding FabAcademy.

Cardboard CNC Machines MTM (2days)

At Fab Lab Tecsup we have been working, since last year in the development of machine structures using cardboard. Cardboard is light weight and resistant depending on how do you design the structure. For this workshop, we are going to make a hands-on activity with the participants to developed a Tube Cutter Machine and 4 axis CNC machine.

Super Fab Lab Open : Fashion and Assistive Technology Challenge

Fab13ers! We are celebrating Fab13 with a Challenge on Fashion and Assistive Technology to recognize the ways society embraces digital fabrication in the most intimate way. Technology gets closer, it becomes an extension of our body to assist and augment our abilities, to gather and process our data. How can society adapt and benefit from the democratic access to knowledge and skills found in Fab Labs, to improve the life of people? How does the industry of fashion transform with digital distributed production and communities? We call on the participants of Fab13 to demonstrate the power of creation through visionary prototypes and innovative concepts. During the conference days makers, inventors, thinkers, and innovators will have access to the Super Fab Lab in order to develop their projects, ideas and technologies to prescribe the impact of wearables, digital fashion, and assistive technology, through digital fabrication and global collaborations. All projects will be presented on Saturday at the main stage of Fab13Festival and we are preparing great prices for the winning teams.

Afternoon Announcements

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Foundations and Regional Networks

A space where all the regional initiatives will have the chance to expose, discuss and get to common solutions that would benefit not only their regional Fab Networks but the entire network. A way to explore the advantages and new task that regional coordinators have to face in this world of the collaborative atmosphere.

Minecraft hacking

Learn electronics and Minecraft with raspberry pi and Minecraft.

How to implement a community-based IoT system through digital fabrication and participative cartography

The workshop will focus on two 4-hour sessions, aided by the methodologies and hardware from Reacción that we will provide. The first session will focus on elaborating a digital model of a section of Santiago and analyzing its risks. The second session will plan on designing how a community will react to natural disasters and use simple GPS-mapping to simulate a natural disaster and analyze the results of the the made on the first session. We will look into moving into a real community in Santiago, or an outside environment to use the devices and make the simulation.

"Feria de maquinas" 3D scanning and 3D printing

Mobile Lab in action, demonstrations and 3D scanning and 3D printing!

Education for Educators

Education for Educators: Florencia Argüello FabEdu Program: Santi Fuentemlla Tactile Assisted Design / Working with Non-Sighted Students to turn CAD into TAD : Liz Whitewolf and Jon Doctorick Teaching Digital Fabrication in Alternative and Special Education: Brandon Prentice

Fab City // How To Make It Happen In Your City

Working Group: Fab City Bootcamp // How To Make It Happen In Your City *** Goals *** Kickstarted at FAB7 in Lima by Tomas Diez (Fab Lab Barcelona | IAAC), Working group to start elaborate strategies to implement the process in your city. Working group to start elaborate strategies to implement a prototype in your city. How we are working in Paris to launch a prototype and which initiatives are arising (coliving, fablab building, superlab, public space redesign, etc…).

"La Misión" cocktail

250 pp only with reservation

Fab Lab for efficient usage of water for agriculture in water scarcity regions

Fab Lab for efficient use of water for agriculture in water scarcity regions. In India, we are facing crises in agriculture due to shortage in rainfall. At Vigyan Ashram, we are experimenting with using less water to grow more agriculture produce. We tried hydroponic to grow fodder, BIOME Dome for growing horticultural plants, Aqua-ponics for fishery and organic vegetables. We made automation system for them in the fab lab. The workshop will demonstrate the prototypes and share the experience of efficient water use, its recycling and to improve water level. It will also present the challenges to work on.

Simple Dynamo generator

During this workshop, we will learn how to use a motor in order to generate electricity. We will also understand the use of gears to amplify rotation, and oversee how the design process of a small generator using laser cutter parts and produce a 2D drawing with Fusion 360

Super-fun times making super Soft Sensors

Back by popular demand, with a new super-fun team running it! Participants will learn to create embedded sensors for use in e-textiles applications. The workshop focuses strongly on demonstrating and enabling co-learning experiences, allowing space for attendees to integrate existing experience and interests. The session will consist of a mix of individual and group-based hands-on learning, alongside discussion, analysis and lots of laughter. A little sewing and electronics knowledge handy but not required.

Fab Labs with impact & Leveraging the Fab Lab network

Join us in the Humanitarian FabKit track for a series of roundtables, challenges and other discussions. As an outcome of this track we hope to create active communities of interest to follow-up on each topic after Fab13.


It's time to get regarded! Congratulations to all FabAcademy Students 2017, this is the big moment for you!

Chilean Barbeque ¨ASADO¨

Quality Testing In-Field Prototypes Q&A

Humanitarian Makers is a grassroots, global community of makers and humanitarians supporting disaster response. We are in the process of narrowing our focus to enable effective, global engagement. Participants will also be able to walk-through a 3D print of a Field Ready prototype

Modular citizen science with sensor bricks and LEGO

Build your own smart sensor kit with internet enabled bricks and traditional LEGO! You get a hands-on experience in building your own smart device that you can control via a web interface or your voice with an Amazon Alexa. Build your own smart lamp that blinks when you get a Tweet, build a citizen science kit or control a game using your breath. You will get creative with Joris' final project prototypes which are Fab Lab made LEGO bricks with all kinds of smart technology inside, like sensors, LEDs and WiFi. This workshop is also great if you're an educator and want to learn how to use these new bricks in a learning environment.

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