Fab13 Challenge

Anybody with the FAB13 ticket can participate!

We call on the participants of Fab13 to demonstrate the power of creation through visionary prototypes and innovative concepts.

We are celebrating Fab13 with a Challenge on Fashion and Assistive Technology to recognize the ways society embraces digital fabrication in the most intimate way. Technology gets closer, it becomes an extension of our body to assist and augment our abilities, to gather and process our data. How can society adapt and benefit from the democratic access to knowledge and skills found in Fab Labs, to improve the life of people? How does the industry of fashion transform with digital distributed production and communities? We call on the participants of Fab13 to demonstrate the power of creation through visionary prototypes and innovative concepts. During the conference days makers, inventors, thinkers, and innovators will have access to the Super Fab Lab in order to develop their projects, ideas and technologies to prescribe the impact of wearables, digital fashion, and assistive technology, through digital fabrication and global collaborations. All projects will be presented on Saturday at the main stage of Fab13Festival and we are preparing great prices for the winning teams.


How can I participate?

Anybody with the ticket of FAB13 can participate. We encourage you to create groups and develop your proposals during the FAB 13 Conference. If you haven't purchased your ticket yet please buy it here.

Time Schedule

During the conference days (from Tuesday to Thursday) teams can develop their projects using the infrastructure of the Super Fab Lab. Project registration will be held at the main venue on Tuesday night. Projects will be presented at the main stage of Fab Festival on Saturday afternoon.


The event is supported by Shapeways, lots of prizes are going to be announced for the winners of the challenge. Stay tuned!

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Your ticket includes:

  • 2 coffee breaks daily, and lunch during the whole week of the event.
  • Entrance from Monday to Thursday to the FAB13 Conference in the UC Extension Center, where in the morning you will be able to attend the activities, talks, and conversations on relevant topics such as cities, decentralization, education of the future, new economies and sustainable future among other matters.
  • In the afternoon from Monday to Thursday, there will be workshops given by members of Fab Labs' worldwide network.
  • Opening Ceremony and Opening Reception.
  • Reception at Campus Lo Contador Wednesday, August 3, where all the attendees will be able to enjoy a typical Chilean barbecue.
  • Entry to the Symposium at the Teatro Corpartes where a series of conferences and world-class conversations will be held.
  • Fab13 ceremony and closing reception at Castillo Hidalgo on Friday 7:00 p.m.

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