#Fabricating Society

Each year members of the more than 1,000 worldwide Fab Labs gather to share, discuss, collaborate and create communities around the different local and global interests regarding digital manufacturing, innovation and technology.

This year, The 13th International Fab Lab Meeting will be held in Santiago de Chile, and "Fabricating Society" will be its central topic. Chile has been classified as a prosperous country in development, but there are still many gaps in strategic dimensions that make the process of constructing a developed society challenging. Fab 13 Santiago 2017 has established three objectives: present successful projects that create high social impact, position Chile as a Global Hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, and reinforce Latin America as a region focused on social development.


Check out this year's participants:




Andrés Briceño

Co-Director Fab Lab Santiago | Director Distributed Design Foundation

James Tooze

Tutor at ‎Royal College of Arts

Patricio Feres

Head of Innovation / CEO InnovaChile at Corfo

Juan Felipe Lopez

‎Executive Director at Laboratorio de Gobierno, Chile

Sofia Lobos

Executive Secretary of the Intergovernmental Creative Economy Committee at CNCA Chile

Jean-Michel Molenaar

Academany, Bioacademy and Fab Connections, Professor at Tufts University, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Felipe Arteaga

Executive Director, Fundación Vivienda Chile

Mara Balestrini

Researcher at Fab City | Director of Making Sense

Alberto Gonzalez

Design Director, Freshwater Chile | Associate Professor Design School Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

Pedro Vidal

Manager Se.Santiago: Programa Santiago Ciudad Inteligente

Liz Corbin

Researcher at the Institute of Making UCL, London

David Ott

Co-founder Global Humanitarian Lab

Patricia Manns

Designer project MAFA | Associate Professor Design School Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

Roberth Garita

Director Fab Lab Veritas- Costa Rica

Elizabeth Hennaff

Postdoctoral Associate at Weill Cornell Medical College

Martin Tironi

Sociologist | Researcher at The Smart Citizen Project | Assistant Professor Design School Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

Alexandre Dubor

Researcher in Digital Fabrication for Architecture | Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

David Basulto

Founder and Editor in Chief, ArchDaily

Lauren Slowik

Director of Education and Designer Evangelism, Shapeways

David Cavallo

Research Scientist and Director of the Future of Learning Group at the MIT

Anastasia Pistofidou

Director FabTextile Research Lab and Fabricademy

Edward Peter Clapp

Project Zero educational researcher, Harvard

Sonya Pryor-Jones

Chief Implementation Officer at Fab Foundation (MIT)

Gonzalo Vargas Otte


Tony Fish

Co-founder at FabLab London

Sergio Araya

UAI DesignLab Dean

Benjamin Tincq

Co-founder of OuiShare

Brandon Prentice

Fab Lab Manager for the IU1 Fab Lab

Cecilia Raspanti

Fablab Amsterdam

David Li

Founder Fab Lab Szoil- Shenzhen

Fiore Basile

Coordinator at FabLab Toscana and Fabricademy

Javier Figueroa

Director Fab Lab Atacama

Luciano Betoldi

International Operations Director at Fab Foundation / Fab Academy

Luis Felipe Céspedes

Minister of Economy, Development, and Tourism

Alejandra Diaz de León

Fab Lat Kids General Coordinator


All other applications are now closed. Thank you for taking part! We will be announcing the results soon.


Plan your trip to Santiago! We provide you with hotel and visa information, transportation, recommendation letters and more.


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Your ticket includes:

  • 2 coffee breaks daily, and lunch during the whole week of the event.
  • Entrance from Monday to Thursday to the FAB13 Conference in the UC Extension Center, where in the morning you will be able to attend the activities, talks, and conversations on relevant topics such as cities, decentralization, education of the future, new economies and sustainable future among other matters.
  • In the afternoon from Monday to Thursday, there will be workshops given by members of Fab Labs' worldwide network.
  • Opening Ceremony and Opening Reception.
  • Reception at Campus Lo Contador Wednesday, August 3, where all the attendees will be able to enjoy a typical Chilean barbecue.
  • Entry to the Symposium at the Teatro Corpartes where a series of conferences and world-class conversations will be held.
  • Fab13 ceremony and closing reception at Castillo Hidalgo on Friday 7:00 p.m.

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